Automotive electronics suppliers should strive to climb


The festival of the triumph of the HC 2011 China’s auto hardware industry Ten choice held, I broaden my warm congrats.

Today, I take a couple of moments to a subject, the subject of car hardware providers, we endeavor to climb.

data industry in the 21st century is encountering huge advancement, the Internet has entered the fifth era, from the PC, Internet, broadband Internet, portable Internet, has now entered the time of cloud. This ground-breaking catalyst to the fast improvement of the car business, data innovation, car gadgets industry will enter another U.S. car designing researcher HAD stresses “the vehicles will be on four wheels PC” worldwide car hardware improvement, there are five wave around 1970, having a place with a different phase of control, brought together control of advancement in 1990, for instance, said the ABS. 2000, we have control of the framework, for example, ESP cell adjustment framework, to around 2010, having a place with the phase of vehicle control, for instance, we consequently stop the women here are extremely upbeat, just as drink driving, The year in excess of 30 percent of mishaps brought about by drink driving. Smart control in 2020, not what peculiar things, when automated.

This requires considering new car hardware, to build up the attributes of China’s auto gadgets business, there are not many focuses: the principal exceptional execution so as to extend the sort and vehicle control frameworks incorporation. The previous two, later to be coordinated. Through motion, voice, contact activity. Further developed light stable framework has been begun, which the CPU of the vehicle, the customary metal contacts will be supplanted by the expert server, our electronic world to all the more rapid activity and programming, senior. Third, the cutting edge electric vehicle is the most noteworthy transporter of data innovation, two days ago I went to a workshop in Korea, he stated, didn’t cross the fringe of your battery, I am currently running while at the same time charging. Fundamental item: vehicle dvd playerVehicle organizing, just as the interconnection of these vehicles combination, vehicle data, deficiency, find, salvage, question, guarantee framework consequently consolidates the camera on the vehicle’s fast applications, in nonstop turn of events. Fifth, the International Organization for Standardization to be reported with ISO26262, car electronic frameworks utilitarian security standard, making the vehicle’s gadgets business with the new prerequisites and improve, to put it plainly, the vehicle which data innovation will be four out of one of the individuals, vehicles, data, natural new type of car gear, there will be a low carbon, green, smartComputer Technology Articles, and humanities for the appearance of the new vehicle of the indications of cultivated society.