How to Take a Great Baby Photo


Newborn babies are a photographer’s dream, but they can also be a challenge. They don’t always take direction very well, and even the most peaceful newborn can have a crying moment. However, with a little patience, you can capture beautiful images of the newest member of your family.

The classic image of a sleeping infant is a longstanding photoshoot favorite, and for good reason. A sleeping baby is usually more willing to stay still for a longer period of time, and they’re less likely to wake up and cry when you’re taking their picture.

A few tips on how to take a great newborn photo are as follows:

Newborns aren’t the most cooperative subjects, so it’s helpful for photographers to have training that can teach them about poses and proper handling techniques. In addition, a good training program can help you practice your skills on a doll before shooting with a real baby. This is important because keeping a newborn safe is a top priority, and any props you’re using should be baby-safe.

This is especially true if you’re posing the baby in reclined positions or other poses where they could potentially roll off the prop. Lastly, it’s always a good idea to use natural light for your shoot. This type of light will give the baby a soft, flattering glow that will shine on their tiny features.

If you’re interested in having your own photos of a new bundle of joy, you can enter the Gerber Baby Photo Contest. The company is looking for photos that feature the child and the parent, with the winner receiving $25,000 in cash.