10 Different Types of Shirts for Men to Own (2021 List)


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No matter whether you are a barista or a business person, there are several types of shirts that men must have in their closet in 2021. From casual chambray to Oxford button-downs, a few styles are designed for particular seasons and occasions. And men can wear them in almost every way. In case you need help to buy the right Shirts for Men Online, keep reading as we have made a list for you.

10 Major Types of Shirts for Men 1. Dress Shirt

Simple and elegant, dress shirts are precisely something you need for making someone impressed. It has double cuffs, and a wing pointed or cutaway collar. It is usually thicker than regular shirts.

2. Oxford Button-Down Shirt

This instant classic shirt features a button-down collar and thicker fabric. It is a casual take on the conventional dress style. Whether it is at the workspace or a wedding, this shirt is ideal for every event.

3. Overshirt

The overshirt is perfect for the in-between seasons when it is very warm for a coat but very cold also for wearing a t-shirt only. Men can wear this versatile shirt over the top of other shirts.

4. Cuban Collar Shirt

Featuring an open collar and short sleeves, Cuban collar shirts are an important summer staple to make you feel and look cool. It is perfect for informal events like an afternoon at a club or a festival.

5. Office Shirt Office Shirt

This shirt is perfect for men who want to look effortlessly smart while working a desk job. Consider it business casual. You may find several Branded Cotton Shirts for Men Online to wear in the workplace.

6. Flannel Shirt

A Flannel Shirt keeps you stylish as well as warm. It is made of soft, thick fabric and conventionally available in a checked pattern.

7. Chambray

This is one of the most versatile products to own in your closet. It is woven in plain-weave and light fabric construction. It makes a comfortable and casual piece of clothing. This shirt is ideal for any smart-casual occasion.

8. Polo Shirt Polo Shirt

This stylish and versatile piece of clothing looks great at casual events. This shirt is made of woven fabric and features a few buttons at the neck and a pointed collar.

9. Linen Shirt Linen Shirt

This shirt is ideal for summer days. Made of ultra-breathable fabric, men can wear a linen shirt in smart-casual settings.

10. Denim Shirt Denim Shirt

Be it a smart-casual occasion or a casual gathering, a denim shirt makes a great sense of cool. This stylish and timeless shirt can make you feel both cool and comfortable simultaneously.  custom dtg printing