12 Volt Battery 20AH


Article about 12 volt battery 20ah

Lithium batteries have an advantage over traditional lead VRLA, gel or AGM sealed lead-acid batteries because they offer much more energy density in the same physical size. This BSLBATT B-LFP12V 20AH lithium battery is a drop-in replacement for most applications that currently use a lead-acid SLA, gel, or AGM battery. It features a built-in automatic Battery Management System (BMS) that controls cell voltages to prevent overheating, overcharging and maximizes cell cycle life.

The valve regulated, spill-proof design allows operation in any position and requires no maintenance or addition of electrolyte. The non-conductive, high-impact case is made from ABS plastic or styrene and provides resistance to shock, chemicals, heat and vibration.

The internal microprocessor controlled Battery Management System monitors key operational parameters such as voltages, currents and internal temperatures, providing optimal performance and safety. This battery may be hooked up in series to achieve the desired capacity and can be paralleled with other batteries. 12 volt battery 20ah