30 Blockbuster Web Profit Tips!


You can increase the profits of your online business using
thousands of strategies. Through this informative article I
will show you some of my favorite Web Profits Tips and how
you can implement them NOW!

The tips will be brief but effective in content. The goal
of the course is to get you into the eBusiness mind-set so
you can start coming up with your own profit boosting
strategies with the blink of an eye.

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Web Profit Tip #1 – Tell your audience what kind of support
they’ll get after they buy. You could offer free consulting,
tech support,Guest Posting free servicing, etc. This could also answer
some of their buying questions ahead of time. People will
not want to buy products without knowing you will be there
to help if there’s any problems.

>>Web Profit Tip #2 – Ask people for feedback at the end of
your copy on why they decided not to buy. This will give you
new ideas on how to produce profitable ad copy. Have a web
form or e-mail link in place so they can answer you. You may
find out they don’t like your guarantee or graphics. It
could be anything. Have an open mind.

>>Web Profit Tip #3 – Hold a contest on your web site. Allow
other web sites the option of offering it to their visitors.
This’ll multiply your advertising all over the Internet. It
could then become a viral contest. Of course the contest
must either be ongoing or held regularly so you could allow
other online publishers to offer it to their visitors or

>>Web Profit Tip #4 – Think of a domain name for your web
site that’s easy to remember. It should be related to what
your business does, sells or provides. If there aren’t any
business names available, use your actual birth name. You
could at least brand yourself. Your own name will give you

>>Web Profit Tip #5 – Position your web site at the top of
pay-per-click search engines. You will only pay your set
amount for each click-through you get to your web site. Just
make sure you track your profits versus your advertising

>>Web Profit Tip #6 – Allow your visitors or customers to
increase your traffic or sales. Ask them for feedback how
you can improve your business, web site or product. You can
ask them at your web site, in your ezine, on your message
board, in your chat room, in your guest book, in your
product packages, etc.

>>Web Profit Tip #7 – Team up with other ezines that have
the same target audience. Combine subscriber bases and then
publish one ezine together to increase subscribers. You
could all include your ads and announcements in the ezine.
You could also take turns for the top advertising space.

>>Web Profit Tip #8 – Swap endorsement advertisements with
other websites. Endorsement ads usually pull more sales and
traffic than regular advertisements. People have taught
themselves to ignore advertisements because they see
hundreds of them every day. Endorsements should not look or
sound like normal ads.

>>Web Profit Tip #9 – Include a signature file at the end of
all e-mails you send out. Provide your business name, phone
number, e-mail and web address, etc. Also include a brief
blurb for your business or the product you’re selling. For
example, you could say, “How To Sell Your Car In Two Days or

>>Web Profit Tip #10 – Create strategic alliances with other
web sites. You could exchange banner ads, sell each other’s
products as back-end products, cross-promote, etc. You
could also create a web site together and promote it on your
separate web sites. You would both just split the website
costs and profits.

>>Web Profit Tip #11 – Increase the perceived value of your
product to skyrocket your sales. Add on free bonuses,
after-sale services or an affiliate program. Other factors
that would help are: your own domain name, a professional
web design, a good-looking product graphic and persuasive ad

>>Web Profit Tip #12 – Allow your visitors to reprint the
content on your web site. Just ask them to include your
resource box and a link to your site in exchange. This will
turn your content into a traffic machine and the external
links will help increase your ranking in some search

>>Web Profit Tip #13 – Stay away from being too comfortable
with your income or life. You should always be making new
goals for yourself and developing new sales ideas. The
world keeps changing and if you pause too long, you might
miss out.

>>Web Profit Tip #14 – Set up a cross-promotion deal with
another web business. Allow them to sell your product as a
back-end product to their existing customer base. The web
business’ product should be related to your product or
service. If not, it may not sell that well to a different
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