6 of the Best EV Charger Manufacturers in America


As the EV market grows, EV chargers are becoming an essential part of any business or home. They can be found at gas stations, public parking areas and even restaurants. Having easy access to charging is critical for any EV driver and can make or break your EV experience. To help you find the right charger for your needs, we’ve highlighted 6 of the best EV Charger Manufacturers in America.

ChargePoint is one of the biggest EV charging station makers with a solid reputation for their reliable solutions. They offer both hardware and software for EV charging stations along with operating their own network of EV chargers. Their rugged designs are built for long-term use and can easily handle harsh conditions.

Siemens is another recognizable name in the industry with a long history of manufacturing electrical equipment. Their EV chargers are designed for residential and commercial use and include a wide range of features to suit different EV driver needs. Their EV charging stations also come with the ability to communicate via wifi or cellular networks for custom monitoring and load management capabilities.

Founded almost a century ago, ABB is another highly respected name in the industry with an established presence in the global electricity markets. Their EV charging stations are used around the world and deliver high-powered DC fast charging with a robust design to withstand harsh weather conditions. Their stations are also equipped with a variety of smart features that optimize performance for smart grid applications. EV Charger Manufacturers