6 Tips For Getting Free Airline Tickets


Air travel has over the years become a fiercely competitive field. In order to increase and retain a strong customer base several airlines use innovative marketing strategies. Airlines offer reward points, freebies, discounted tickets, as well as free tickets.

An air traveler can get a free ticket if:

1. You may have noticed that when a flight is overbooked airlines make announcements asking if any passenger on the flight would volunteer to step off. When a person volunteers the airline says “thank you” by giving the client vouchers worth USD 500 or more that can be used on their flights for a period of one whole year.

2. As a promo some airlines have schemes by which if you buy x amount worth of tickets on your credit card you will be eligible to fly free for a fixed number of tickets.

3. Another innovation introduced by airlines is buying tickets in bulk at considerable discounts. This is for business travelers who know they will be traveling extensively throughout the year. Under such schemes the savings on regular ticket prices is substantial.

4. Look for marketing promos that offer free travel and win free tickets by participating.

5. When planning a vacation or business trip choose hotel stay packages that are a combination of travel and stay. This way you will get benefits in both sectors.

6. Register for frequent flyer programs with the airline of your choice or your credit card. Reward points gathered by you will be converted into free airline tickets. In fact many credit cards offer to covert credit card use rewards into flying miles and this means you will reap double benefits.

Travel today has become easy for the traveler in the know. So, keep updated with travel offers and credit card promotions. Read travel magazines and surf the internet for valuable information. Travel by flight is affordable you just need to know how to get the most out of travel agents and airlines.

Another good source for air tickets is the internet. Many websites and airline websites have special discount offers for internet bookings and e-tickets. So log on to the World Wide Web and learn all about booking airline tickets online. When buying anything on the internet you must always be careful about protecting your privacy and credit card from misuse. Learn about how to use the internet safely.

Some travelers have mastered the art of getting free airline tickets. One even bought several boxes of pudding to collect the offered flying miles. Others write to airlines with a genuine compliant and as a way of saying “we are sorry” the public relations department sends them free tickets on their flights. Travelers have over the years perfected the art of getting ‘freebies” from airlines. Book Airline Tickets