Accounting Hattingen


Accounting Hattingen is a profession that deals with the collection, evaluation and interpretation of financial data. It includes a broad range of specialties such as managerial, cost, project and tax accounting. Accounting professionals are able to provide unbiased proposals for procedure improvements that will help companies reduce costs, increase efficiency and improve investor value.

Accounting is considered a highly skilled job. The ability to evaluate and interpret data is a critical component of the job, as is the ability to understand complex relationships between different pieces of information. This is a skill that requires a combination of education, experience and training. It is important for accounting firms to hire employees that can demonstrate these traits, as well as being able to work as part of a team.

In 2022 total assets of Sparkasse Hattingen were 1 072,88 mln EUR and the bank was ranked 319th out of 361. The savings banks (sparkassen) are Germany’s largest deposit-taking institutions, the second-largest retail banking providers and one of the leading credit institutes. The business model of savings banks is essentially based on broad participation in citizens’ prosperity and in increasing local economic strength rather than on maximising profits. This focus helps the savings banks to avoid excessive risks and to achieve high credit ratings.

In 1835, the towns of Hattingen, Blankenstein, Stiepel and Welper become a single city with municipal law and five city gates. During the “Julich-Klevischen Erbfolgestreit” (war of the Julich succession) Hattingen is occupied by Spanish troops. Buchhaltung Hattingen