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Wholesale angel statues are beautiful gifts for friends and loved ones. You can choose from a variety of styles to suit any occasion.

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Angel Statues

Angel statues are popular gifts to give to newborns or those grieving a loss. These graceful heavenly creatures also make elegant decorations to accent home interiors. These statues are carved from polished stone to emit a soft luminous glow. They also come in a variety of sizes to suit any decorating need.

The Christmas Box Angel Statue was introduced to the public as a monument inspired by the book and film “The Christmas Box” by Richard Paul Evans. A candlelight healing ceremony is held at the site on December 6th each year (the anniversary of the death of a character in Evans’ book). Flowers sent from around the world are left at the base of the sculpture each day.

In Terraria, the Angel statue is a decoration that takes up two squares of floor space and cannot be sold or used by any NPCs. Prior to the 1.1 update, the statue was not usable at all and served only as decorative decoration. Since then, it has been used by the Travelling Merchant for joking purposes.

It can also be found spawning on the ground in certain environments, such as the jungle temple and the jungle biome. The statues are able to spawn both left-rolling and right-rolling boulders, depending on whether the X coordinate at which it is placed is even or odd. The statues can be moved to change the spawning behavior.

Angel Sculptures

The angel figurines that you find in this collection are not only a beautiful decoration to add to your home, but they can also be the perfect gift for someone special. These angelic sculptures represent celestial beings that have the task of guardian and guiding human behavior, making them an ideal gift for friends or loved ones who may be going through difficult times.

You can choose from a variety of different types of marble angels, each of which is suitable for different purposes. For instance, you can opt for an elegant female angel statue that is carved from white marble and stands tall. The statue features an angel with long curly hair and charming wings, as she holds a trumpet in her hand. This is the perfect statue for a garden or a cemetery, as it is designed to offer comfort and respect to those who have lost their loved ones.

Another type of angel sculpture that you can choose is a sitting angel statue. This is a statue of an angel that is carved from cement with a natural finish, and it can be used to decorate your garden wall or sidewalk. The angel is seated in a pose that conveys serenity, and it will bring a sense of calm to any space. You can place this angel statue outdoors as well, as it is durable enough to withstand the elements.

Angels & Cherubs

Angels and cherubs add a soft, ethereal atmosphere to your space. These winged creatures, along with fairies and mermaids, bestow a fanciful aura on your home. Perched upon shelves and tabletops, they make for a beautiful accent to your space.

When most people think of cherubs, they’ll picture the chubby baby-like creatures with wings that first appeared in artwork during the Renaissance. But that’s not how the Bible describes cherubim. The cherubim of the Bible are powerful beings that are far more magnificent than the cute baby-like creatures of classic art.

According to the Bible, God uses cherubs to reveal His glory and serve as a type of guardian angel. The cherubim in the Bible have four faces, which represent different attributes of God: the lion represents God’s strength and power, the ox represents His sacrificial death for us, and the eagle represents His soaring wisdom.

The Bible also mentions Seraphim, which are celestial beings that are closest to God. But it’s important to remember that a hierarchy of angels doesn’t imply one is stronger than another. The higher ranking angels simply have different tasks assigned to them. For example, the Archangel Michael defeated Satan in a battle that was described as a war in heaven. But if you put a cherub against a Seraphim, it would be a very close fight.

Willow Tree

Willow tree figurines capture moments of comfort and assurance with a minimalist design. Whether to honor the passing of a loved one, celebrate a birth or just to say “I love you,” these beautiful figurative sculptures speak to us in ways that words cannot.

Most willow species grow near water and are associated with feminine mysteries and the moon. Because of this, a lot of willow folklore revolves around the watery theme and many myths and legends surround it. Often it is used to represent immortality because the plant regenerates quickly and often grows back from a broken branch or root. It has also been linked to the spirit world. It is common to see weeping willows at graveyards and it is believed that this tree can help people who are grieving and having a hard time letting go. In China, they use branches of the willow tree to ward off evil spirits. They are carried around on Tomb Sweeping Day or Qingming Festival by many Chinese and put up on gates and front doors to keep the demons out. The Goddess of Mercy Guanyin is often shown seated with a branch of willow at her side. She is also associated with witchcraft, magic and putting demons to flight. The Greek goddess Hecate was also connected to the willow and the moon. Hecate was the most powerful female in the Underworld and taught sorcery. She was also the muse of the poet Heliconian. angel figurines suppliers