BB Guns – Fun and Educational


If you’re looking for something fun and a little bit educational – or maybe even a way to help your young shooter hone his or her skills – a bb gun is a great choice. bb guns have evolved a long way in recent years, with many offering surprisingly realistic replications and training possibilities. They’re also available at a fraction of the cost of combustion-powered hunting or target rifles.

BB guns come in both pistol and rifle varieties, with break-barrel / spring or gas piston being the most common and popular due to their relatively affordable operation and comparatively good accuracy. Some are powered by a built-in compressed air tank, while others require a separate CO2 cartridge to operate.

A Daisy Red Ryder is the classic BB gun that many of us probably remember from a Christmas Story and is a wonderful choice to introduce a youngster to shooting. It is available in both youth and adult sizes, and stores a BBs in a sleeve that surrounds the smoothbore barrel and is loaded via a door near the muzzle. It has fixed front and rear sights, and a rotary magazine that holds 19 shots max.

If you’re in the market for a Glock-style handgun that can double as a training tool, try the Umarex Legends MP40. This semi-automatic BB pistol looks and feels just like the open-bolt M3, with standard Glock-style sights, a single-slot accessory rail, and a magazine that cycles with each shot and locks when all the BBs have fired. It has a blowback action that robs some of the CO2 used to power the pistol, so it can only fire about 180 BBs before it needs to be recharged.