Benefits of Private Live-In Carers


Providing an alternative to care home living, Private live-in Carers allow loved ones to enjoy the independence and privacy of their own home whilst receiving regular help with day to day tasks. This can include cooking, washing and cleaning. It also includes helping them get dressed, taking them to appointments and providing medication reminders. Carers can also provide a companionship service to help reduce loneliness and depression. They can even go on days out together. It’s worth noting that one-to-one live-in care is often less expensive than care home fees.

As well as being on hand to provide daily care, Private live-in Carers can also liaise with medical professionals, coordinating appointments and reporting any changes in symptoms. They can also support your loved one to maintain a healthy and balanced diet, which is often a struggle due to reduced appetite or a change in food preferences.

In addition to providing a full range of care services, Private live-in Carers can help your loved one stay active and engaged with the wider community. They can help with social activities such as visiting friends and family, shopping and going to local events. Carers can also take part in hobbies they enjoy, such as crafts or playing games.

Whether you need long-term or short-term live-in care, we can match you with experienced and trustworthy Carers. We can also arrange respite care, which provides cover while a regular Carer takes a break or you have a hospital admission. Private live-in Carers