Benefits of Real-Time Utility Monitoring


With real-time utility monitoring, you can easily and instantly monitor your electricity usage (and costs) without having to read a utility meter or wait for your next utility bill. These systems use sensors called current transformers to measure power from each circuit in your electric panel, allowing you to monitor each individual device or appliance in your facility. This allows you to identify unexpected energy patterns that could lead to equipment failures, unexpected demand charges, loss of renewable generation or other costly failures. You can also receive alerts via text or email when your energy usage is spiking, allowing you to take immediate action.

Getting the data you need to make smart decisions is critical to business success. Real-time tracking solutions allow organizations to proactively identify inefficiencies and implement targeted measures for optimal resource utilization, resulting in reduced operational expenses.

Quick Detection of Anomalies
Unexpected spikes in electrical consumption, water leaks and other anomalies can cost your organization tens of thousands of dollars per year. Real-time tracking systems provide a fast and easy way to spot these issues and take immediate actions, reducing energy waste and unnecessary expenditures.

Safeguarding Your Facility, Machines and Assets
With real-time monitoring, utilities can know in less than a second if there is a break-in or security breach of any type happening. This thwarts theft, vandalism, or other unwanted events that can lead to costly downtime and damage. Alerts can be sent in seconds if a physical threat is detected, making it faster and easier to get maintenance crews on site to resolve the issue before it gets out of hand.  real-time utility monitoring