Black Water Filter Tap


A black water filter tap is a smart choice if you want a sleek look in your kitchen. These black drinking water taps will blend in seamlessly with your kitchen design and are designed to fit most under counter filtration systems including simple filtered systems, reverse osmosis and alkaline ionizer systems. The slender gooseneck design makes it easy to fill cups, kettles and reusable water bottles from this tap. The spout rotates 360 degrees to make it convenient for you to access your pure filtered water at any angle.

If you’re concerned about the contaminants in your home’s tap water, we recommend you obtain a Consumer Confidence Report from your local water utility or test your well for contamination. This will showcase what substances are in your drinking water and help you choose a filter certified to remove those concerning substances.

During our testing of black water filters, we found that the best models feature convenient features that make them easier to use in daily life. The ZeroWater model offers an extra spout near the handle, which is helpful for filling pitchers, and the PUR Classic has a dual-compartment design that lets you pour from the top section while the bottom is still filtering. It also has a light indicator for when it’s time to change the filter.

Another standout is the Aquasana Claryum Direct Connect, which plumbs right into your existing faucet. It’s a great option for renters (who may be forbidden from altering their dwellings), or if you don’t have the space for a separate filter-faucet system. The installation process is straightforward: Just shut off your sink’s cold-water inlet valve, disconnect the faucet and unscrew the existing coupling from your plumbing to install the adapter. A few sections of tubing then connect to the adapter and your plumbing using simple press-fit collars. The whole installation took us about 10 minutes.  black water filter tap