Breast Milk Reusable Storage Bags


Breast milk reusable storage bags are a great choice for pumping moms who want to reduce their waste and make a positive impact on the environment. These eco-friendly plastic alternatives to disposable breast milk storage bags are made of food grade silicone and can be used over and over again, which helps cut down on single-use plastic in landfills and oceans. Some breast milk reusable storage bags are even double-lined to ensure leak-proof protection and come pre-sterilized for quick, easy use. Some breast milk reusable storage bags also feature an integrated scale and date system to help keep track of how much milk is stored, as well as handy tips for storing the frozen breast milk properly (such as not touching the bags or thawing them in water).

It’s important to note that despite being reusable, a silicone bag will need to be washed after every use and sterilized before using again. However, the washing process can be a little time-consuming and requires extra care to not overwash the bags, which could ruin their waterproof seal.

Other reusable breast milk storage options include glass or BPA-free plastic containers, such as mason jars or food storage containers with screw-on lids, which can be used for other purposes once breastfeeding is finished. The benefit of a glass or plastic container is that it’s a hard-sided option that can better protect the breast milk from temperature changes within the fridge and freezer.

While a container is ideal for those who are building up a larger freezer stash, it’s worth noting that some moms find it easier to store and use their breast milk in bags. Aside from the difference in ease of use, it’s important to consider your budget and how often you will be storing and using your breast milk storage options before making a decision. breast milk reusable storage bags