Button Head Screws


Button head screws are a pivotal type of fastener known for their dome-shaped head and versatile usage across various industries. Their rounded, raised design contributes to a more aesthetically-driven finish for visible installations and their versatility makes them a top-pick in applications like automotive maintenance tasks, furniture assembly, and heavy duty industrial projects that involve thick materials such as steel alloys. In addition to these qualities, button socket cap screws also offer greater torque resistance than flathead bolts which makes them an excellent choice for a number of different applications and industries.

Also referred to as a dome screw, socket cap screw, or Hex head button screw, this threaded fastener works by inserted into a predrilled hole and tightened using a socket wrench. They feature a recessed hexagon drive that is compatible with hex tools and are generally used in applications where clearance or space is an issue.

Button Head Socket Cap Screws can be manufactured in a number of different materials, depending on the project requirements. Some common materials include Stainless Steel, Brass, and Black Oxide Stainless Steel. The Black Oxide finish offers a durable, corrosion resistant and easy-to-clean surface that is popular for industrial applications and consumer goods such as firearms, hunting gear, archery equipment and knife builds.

Coburn-Myers is proud to carry a large variety of different sizes of button head socket cap screws for your application needs. Whether you’re in need of an standard size or have an odd or custom job, we can provide the highest quality screw for your specific needs. Contact us today to learn more about our selection of button head socket cap screws. button head screws