Choosing a Camping Refrigerator


A camping refrigerator is a cooler that can cool food and beverages, and it has a built-in power supply. These units are great for road trips, and they can be used at campsites or in parked vehicles. They run on both AC and DC power, and some can also be powered by solar or battery. There are many sizes of these fridges available, and you should choose the size that will work best for your trip. You should also consider how often you will use the fridge and the size of your vehicle.

The biggest advantage of a camping fridge is its portability. You can easily carry it to and from your car, and you can fit more food and drinks in a camping fridge than you could in a cooler. A camping fridge can also control temperature, which is not always possible with a cooler.

When choosing a camping fridge, you should consider how much insulation is included. The insulation helps to keep the fridge cold, and it can also reduce energy consumption. A good quality camping fridge should have at least an inch of insulation on all sides.

You should also look at how much power the fridge consumes on average per hour under certain conditions. This can be found under the Specifications section of the product, and it is important to know how much a fridge will draw while running. You should try to find a fridge that draws less than five amps, and one with as little as a single amp.