Cloud Gadget – A Review of Cloud Gadget and Arrest Warrant Xchange


Located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana US, cloud gavel operates as an Application Computer Software business. The company offers the eWarrant Solution, an online process for generating warrants and submitting them to on-call judges. The eWarrant Solution also allows law enforcement officers to perform blood draw search warrants for DUI and DWI suspects before their bodies have had a chance to dissipate, allowing a more accurate BAC reading. Additionally, the company offers Arrest Warrant Xchange, an online database of arrest and bench warrants.

Using the eWarrant Solution, law enforcement agencies can save countless hours of officer work that would have otherwise been spent processing paperwork and generating warrants. This frees up valuable resources to be deployed in the field and helps to increase the apprehension of criminals. The cost of the system can often be recouped in less than one year by reducing the need for unplanned police overtime.

The eWarrant Solution also provides a seamless workflow for judicial review and approval of variety of eWarrants. Judges and judicial commissioners can log in and review documents from anywhere with an internet connection using any device. The company also offers a mobile app that provides a more streamlined experience and is better suited for judges and commissioners on the go.

The eWarrant Solution is managed by FusionStak, a dynamic IT solutions business founded by a team of professionals with a passion for public safety. The company has over 15 years of industry experience and has won multiple national awards for innovation and leadership. Its clientele includes the Baton Rouge Police Department, Gonzales Police Department and New Orleans Police Department. cloud gavel