Cloud Gadgets Is Changing the Legal Industry


Powered by Fusionstak LLC, the team behind cloud gavel has a strong background in problem-solving solutions and is dedicated to improving the world through innovation. With a focus on law enforcement and the public safety, the company is responsible for one of the nation’s top electronic warrant software systems and has won national awards.

A powerful yet intuitive application, cloud gavel allows officers to act quickly and ensures the safety of both those officers and the general public. With a simple interface, the program allows officers to create a warrant from the squad car or via a video link with a judge from anywhere on any internet connected device. This allows the officer to work on the streets instead of wasting hours in the office processing paperwork. It also saves agencies unplanned overtime and can reduce the risk of a suspect being tipped off and fleeing.

An internal signature function and integration with a platform like DocuSign allow users to sign documents within the software or upload a file for signing through the system. Document settings can be configured to include a naming convention, duplicate documents for repeating questions and more. The system also supports multiple question types such as text, checkboxes, multiple choice, dropdown and yes/no.

XIRA continues to improve cloud gavel with innovative functionality (including payment acceptance and coming soon – electronic signature capabilities) to help solo practitioners and small firms automate administrative tasks, reduce operating costs and increase billable time. By making law more approachable, affordable and accessible for the masses, XIRA is changing the legal industry and making it better for everyone.  cloud gavel