Custom Stirrup Socks


Originally worn by baseball players in the early 1900s to protect their uniform pants from being stained by team colored socks, stirrups are now making a comeback with new designs and styles. They are available in many different cut lengths that expose a certain amount of white under sock. They are also available in various striped color combinations and patterns to give the wearer a unique look.

The top of the stirrup sock should be pulled higher and tighter than normal in order to prevent them from falling down while playing baseball or softball. This will make it easier to get cleats on and to move around. It is important to always check the condition of the stirrup socks and change them if they become loose or if the elasticity begins to wear out. Loose socks can slip down the leg and cause a tripping hazard for other players.

When selecting a pair of striped baseball stirrups to purchase it is best to follow the teams uniform colors for best results. The color names should be referred to when selecting the pattern of sock, so Scarlet choose Scarlet even though it may look more like Cardinal on the computer screen. Also, when choosing the sock size refer to the size of the player. Socks that are too small will be uncomfortable to play in and socks that are too large will not fit properly and can cause blisters.

The sock color options are endless when purchasing a pair of custom knitted stirrup socks. You can have a single color for the body of the sock, two stripe colors and then a foot color that matches with the bottom of the socks. A 5″ stirrup arch will arch just above the ankle for the least amount of foot color showing, a 7″ arch will be closer to the mid-calf and a 9″ stirrup arch will be just below the calf for the most foot color showing.

TCK has a variety of different patterns to chose from so you can match your favorite team’s uniform color and design. They offer both adult and youth sized socks in four different stirrup sizes 4″, 5″, 7″ and 9″. TCK stripes are made in the USA which means you are supporting local employment when you buy a pair of their high quality socks.

If you are ready to purchase a pair of custom striped baseball stirrups, please contact us or call 888-729-8946. We would be happy to help you find a style that fits your needs. We are here to help you look your best while on the field or in the dugout. Unlike cheap imports, TCK is the brand that you can trust. Their high quality, American Made socks will not only look good, but they will last longer too!  custom stirrup socks