Desktop Business Card Holders Make Awesome Corporate Giveaways This Christmas


There’s a pleasant chill in the air. Carols are blaring out of radios, and you see bright lights everywhere you go. It’s no other than Christmas, and it’s definitely coming to town on its merry way.

Everyone seems to be in a mad rush to buy presents and make travel plans for the holidays. Within offices and businesses, there are last ditch attempts to meet sales quotas, generate end-of-the-year reports, and, of course, plan Christmas parties and come up with imaginative corporate giveaways for clients and employees alike.

Usher the Old Year Out with Something New

After a fruitful year of doing business, there’s no better way to show your appreciation to your customers and your employees than by handing out corporate giveaways. Corporate giveaways can be anything, really. But after years of giving away umbrellas, mugs, and pens, you have to admit that it’s getting old. After all, your clients and employees can only have too many umbrellas in their hall closets or too many mugs on their cupboards.

Indeed, it’s time to think of something new and something different to mark the passing of another year of doing business. Consider desktop business card holders.

A New Twist to An Old Standby

Desktop business card holders are a new twist to storing those very important business cards. Like ordinary business card holders that you commonly see and use, desktop business card holders keep business cards crisp and organized, as well as preserving their style and craftsmanship. As the name suggests, however, desktop business card holders are best kept stationary on a desk and do not work as well when carried around elsewhere.

Desktop business card holders are often made of high quality wood, metal, or leather. They often come with screws or strong adhesives that you can use to attach the desktop business card holders to your desk. This feature ensures that you don’t lose or misplace business cards, as opposed to carrying them around in your pocket.

The Same Old Savings for a New Idea

Desktop business card holders are good Christmas corporate giveaways because of their functionality, style, and easy elegance. When ordered wholesale, desktop business card holders can also give good value to your money.

Desktop business card holders are best ordered as early as now as most manufacturers increase prices close to the Christmas rush. You also want to spare the time for customization. As corporate giveaways, you’d like to have the desktop business card holders printed or engraved with the company logo. Lastly, a few days should also be allowed for packaging and shipping. goodies pub