DivvyUp Review – Custom Made Socks


If you want to show the world what makes your team, company, club, or charitie unique, socks are one of the best ways to do it. Custom made socks are an affordable, reusable gift that’s sure to make an impression on anyone you meet. And while you can get your logo embroidered on a plain pair of socks, working with a sock manufacturer that can print and knit your design into the sock is a much better option.

The process for printing onto a sock is called dye sublimation, and it works by using heat to transfer ink directly into the sock fiber. The end result is a high-contrast image that’s bright and vibrant, and doesn’t fade over time. But this method can be inconsistent, especially with smaller details like thin text and narrow outlines. Additionally, because of the fuzziness of sock fiber, small flecks of white may show through where the ink doesn’t fully saturate the sock.

DivvyUp is a great choice for creating custom face socks, and their product creation tool makes the entire process super simple. While other customizable sock companies require you to send them a cropped picture of your dog or other animal, DivvyUp just asks for any straight-on image and lets their designers do the rest. They’re also known for their excellent customer reviews and fast turnaround. In addition to offering a wide selection of styles, they have a 100% Just Right guarantee, so you can be confident your customized socks will fit perfectly. custom made socks