Drug Charges Lawyer – How a Drug Charges Lawyer Can Help You


Drug charges are serious, and a conviction will have a significant impact on your future. A skilled New York drug crimes attorney who specializes in these types of cases will know how to protect your rights and fight for the best possible outcome. They can help you with all aspects of your case including consultations and meetings with law enforcement, investigating, researching, negotiating and more.

To defend against these charges, an experienced attorney will look at all of the evidence that has been gathered against you. This includes the police officer’s reason and method for searching you, whether it was done legally or not, any witness statements that have been taken and how they were obtained, the person who found the drugs, a history of any previous drug offenses you have had and your personal background.

Your drug charges lawyer will also consider whether the police have a right to search your property and how they did it. If the police did not have probable cause or a warrant, any evidence seized may be excluded from your case. A knowledgeable narcotics defense attorney can also challenge the chain of custody to ensure that no drugs were tampered with or misplaced during the process.

For people who have been charged with selling, conspiracy to sell or trafficking cocaine, marijuana, extract, GHB or other legend and designer drugs, the government will work very hard to build a case against them. A highly skilled criminal lawyer can be very effective during a cross examination of any cooperating witnesses who are called to testify. They will be able to show that these witnesses are trying to save their own skin by making false statements to the government.