German Lessons Near Me


The world is becoming more globalized and learning a new language opens many doors. Whether it’s for business or to travel, being bilingual can improve your career opportunities. Learning a foreign language takes commitment and practice. Having a tutor helps you stay motivated and learn efficiently. There are plenty of German tutors in the United States that can help you reach your goals. Choosing the right one depends on your level and what you want to achieve with your German lessons.

There are a few options in NYC to get a good German teacher near you. If you live in Manhattan or are able to commute, the Goethe Institut on E 16th St is central and offers classes from beginner to advanced. The Bronxville Adult School is another option that also offers German courses.

Brooklyn: If you live in Brooklyn or can take a ferry to the city, there are many opportunities for adult students. CUNY Brooklyn College offers German courses from beginner to advanced levels each fall, spring, and summer. The Brooklyn Institute of Modern Languages has courses from beginner to intermediate as well. For kids there is KinderHaus in Park Slope, which is a private German immersion day and preschool.

If you have limited time, an online German course might be more flexible than in-person classes. Online classes offer the flexibility of self-paced study that can fit around your schedule, plus you don’t have to deal with transportation or commuting to class. However, you will need a reliable internet connection to participate in a virtual class.  German lessons near me