Health and Safety Awareness Course


A health and safety awareness course is a program that teaches individuals about the legal requirements of working safely, as well as how to identify and mitigate risks in the workplace. These courses can be mandatory for certain industries and professions, or they may be offered voluntarily by employers as part of a company’s overall safety culture. This course enables employees to take action to prevent accidents and injuries, leading to a more productive workplace with less downtime due to sickness absences.

The training explains that the health and safety of workers is the responsibility of both managers and employees. It describes how a worker can find out who their supervisor or employer is, who the joint health and safety committee members are, and what to do if they have a question about their health and safety.

This eCourse also explains the laws and regulations that govern health and safety in the workplace. It outlines how the law defines hazards, the control measures that are required to eliminate or reduce these hazards and how a risk assessment is carried out by management to determine whether a specific work activity poses a risk to employee health and safety.

The eCourse also explains that a worker has the right to refuse unsafe work and how they can exercise this right in a reasonable manner. It also explains that the employer cannot threaten, dismiss or discipline a worker for exercising their health and safety rights or for refusing unsafe work. health and safety awareness course