High Pressure Cleaning Gold Coast


Whether your building, car park or driveway is covered in dirt, mildew, moss or graffiti high pressure cleaning gold coast can blast away this build up quickly and easily. The result is a cleaner, safer environment for your home or business. It will also reduce maintenance costs and prolong the life of your surfaces.

The process of high pressure cleaning uses pressurised water sprays to wash a wide variety of surfaces including gutters, roofs, patio areas, decks, brick walls, driveways and concrete surfaces. The water sprays are delivered through a system of pipes, pumps, nozzles and controls to create the required water volume and velocity. The water pressure is rated in pounds per square inch (psi), Pascal or bar and determines how hard the jet of water is that will penetrate into the soil to break up and remove the material.

A professional high pressure cleaner has the experience and knowledge to know how much force to use, where to apply it and what type of pressure washer is best suited to a particular surface and job. They will carefully avoid spraying delicate items and areas that cannot withstand the high pressure of a pressure washer.

Regularly scheduled high pressure cleaning will prevent damage to your property and help you save on energy bills. It can also help you keep a healthier living space free from the growth of mold and harmful bacteria, and prevent health conditions such as asthma and allergies. It can also add value to your property as it improves the overall look of your home or commercial premises. high pressure cleaning gold coast