How a Phone Answering Service Can Help Your Business


When a caller calls a business, they want to be able to speak to someone who can provide assistance or answer their questions. An answering service fills in the gaps of call coverage for businesses that don’t have enough staff to field every call or those that want to improve their customer service by offering more options than simply leaving a message.

These services work to help businesses grow by capturing opportunities that would otherwise be missed when the phone rings and nobody is available to answer it. Many answering services allow clients to forward their existing number to them on a permanent basis, while also providing them with a new, professional phone number that can be used in place of the personal number they’re currently publishing (either on an all-the-time or delayed basis). The agents at the answering service follow scripts provided by the client to interact with callers in a way that’s consistent and on-brand.

Some of the best answering service providers have extensive experience with their respective industries, particularly those that cater to highly specialized clients like medical professionals or service companies like plumbing or HVAC contractors. They can then answer questions or juggle multiple calls more easily, with the ability to take notes on the call so they know what steps to take next.

Having an answering service also helps prevent your team from losing momentum when their day-to-day tasks are interrupted by calls that can’t be immediately answered. It’s difficult to be productive when you’re constantly distracted by calls that you need to field and then have to play the frustrating game of telephone tag with customers.  phone answering service