How to Choose a Local Watch Repair Near Me


Watches are delicate instruments that require specialized care and expertise. While swindlers and uneducated repairmen exist, a dedicated watch shop can often take your timepiece back to its former glory at a fair price. Whether your watch needs a new battery, an overhaul or simply a clean, a skilled watchmaker can restore its value while protecting the integrity of the precious metals and delicate movements within.

Almost any watch can be repaired, from vintage to modern. Most professionals recommend getting your watch serviced yearly if you wear it regularly, or between three and five years for infrequent use. These regular checkups help keep your watch in good working condition and can identify potential problems before they become more serious, allowing you to budget for future repairs or replacements.

In some cases, it is possible to do your own watch maintenance at home with the proper tools and knowledge. However, attempting self-repair can be more harmful than helpful. Performing a DIY repair without a professional can cause further damage, depreciating the value of your watch and potentially costing you more money in the long run. Moreover, unauthorized repair can also devalue the watch’s warranty, which could render your prized high-end timepiece worthless.

While it is important to find a qualified watch repair specialist, there are many basic questions you should ask your prospective shop before bringing your watch in for service. These basic questions can help you distinguish between the reputable and the untrustworthy.

The reputable watchmakers can be identified by their transparency and willingness to answer your questions. They are not afraid to talk about their work and can explain the process of a particular repair. They are not only concerned with selling you their service, but retaining you as a client and ensuring your watch is in excellent working condition for the long term.

In addition, the reputable watchmakers are honest and do not try to overcharge you. The swindlers, on the other hand, may be less transparent and will try to sell you unnecessary services. If you are unsure whether or not your watch is in good hands, read our article on How to Choose a Local Watch Repair Near Me.

The small mom-and-pop shops that do the best watch repairs are often family owned and operated. Some have been around for generations. At Star Watch Service, for example, one reviewer calls the owner “a nice old man” and says that he will usually be able to fix a watch while you wait. Other small mom-and-pop shops have similar customer service. For instance, at JWATCH in Midtown Manhattan, the owner is a little cluttered but honest, according to Yelp reviews. local watch repair near me