How to Convert a Gallon Per Minute to Other Flow Units


Gallon per minute (GPM) is a unit of volume flow rate. It is often used for water flow measurements in pipes and shower heads. GPM can be easily converted to other flow units using this tool, for example liter per minute (l/min) or cubic meter per second (m3/s).

One US liquid gallon is equal to about 3.78541 liters, so this conversion will always yield a ratio that is less than 1.

To calculate GPM simply divide the number of seconds it takes to fill up a single container by 60. For example, if it takes 5 seconds to fill a container, your GPM is 12 gallons per minute. To get more precise results, try to measure the process 3-to-4 times and then average the results together.

Other common flow units include Acre Foot Per Month (acre-ft/month), Barrel (US, Liq.) Per Day (bbl(US, liq.)/day), Cubic Centimeter Per Second (cm3/s), and Cubic Yard Per Minute (yd3/min). You can use the reload calculator button to reset this tool to another set of units. If you want to convert a number from gallons per minute to liters per minute, make sure the Flow rate unit is set to gallons per minute first before entering the number. Then, change the unit to liters per minute and the calculator will convert it for you automatically. The result will be shown in the Flow rate field. If you want to change back to gallons per minute, just change the unit in the Flow rate field again.  gallons per minute to litres per minute