How to Detect Fake Youtube Views


When you publish a video on Youtube you are likely to see your views grow over time. However, there are some people who have a lot of fake views on their videos. YouTube is aware of this and is trying to make it harder for people to falsify their views. YouTube also gives its creators access to analytics that show the realtime activity of their viewers. This is why your view counts can look different between the video page, search page, and youtube analytics.

YouTube is able to detect the difference between real and fake views by looking for the following factors:

The user must actively click the play button on a video to count as a view. Embedded videos, videos that automatically start playing, and videos that are hidden off-screen do not count as views. The video must be watched from a device that supports HTML5. Views cannot be counted if the viewer has ad blockers enabled or is using a privacy-based browser.

It is not uncommon for people to watch a video multiple times in one day. YouTube considers these replays as a sign of quality and will factor them into the algorithm. However, after a certain number of replays the counter will stop adding them.

If a video has been posted recently, the view count may be slow to update as it filters out views that are spam or bots. However, this process should be completed in a few hours and the view count should then begin to update more frequently. youtube views