How to Get Instagram Likes


The more likes your content gets on Instagram, the higher it will rank in the feed and potentially reach a wider audience. The platform’s algorithm takes into account engagement history and interactions to determine what to show to users, so if you want your content to get promoted, getting more likes is a must.

Even though Instagram is currently testing the removal of public Like counts, they’re still an important metric for brands and influencers to track. Luckily, there are some simple ways to increase Like counts, including adding a location tag, running a contest, or trying out a meme.

Brighter pictures tend to receive more likes than darker ones on Instagram, so make sure to use an editing app to lighten your images. Additionally, people love to engage with content about themselves, so be sure to include personal touches in your posts and captions. This might include a story about how you prepared the dish, a kitchen mistake that you learned from, or a favorite recipe.

Tagging other accounts in your post will help you reach a new audience. For example, tagging a popular brand in your post will encourage their followers to check out your profile, and tagging a relevant influencer can give your post a boost. In addition, creating a Reel that showcases your work can drive more engagement. For example, this Trader Joe’s post featuring their newest products earned more likes than a normal photo because it also included a fun video.  get instagram likes