How to Replace a Norcold Replacement Cooling Unit


Despite their quiet design and vibration-resistant construction, Norcold refrigerators occasionally experience cooling unit failure. Fortunately, replacement units are available from various sources. Some are made by the same company that makes the Dometic refrigerators. Others are manufactured by Amish builders, and they are far superior in quality.

Often the first sign of trouble is the telltale ammonia smell or yellow residue seen in the photo below. Another indication is the gurgling sound heard when the refrigerator heats up. These symptoms indicate that the cooling unit boiler tube has been damaged from thermal stress. It is important that you get the best quality replacement cooling unit for your RV refrigerator.

When a new cooling unit is ordered, it’s important to take care in removing the old one from the RV refrigerator cabinet. Make sure to remove the refrigerator on a block or a piece of plywood. This will keep it from sliding around and possibly causing the refrigerator to be dragged across the floor of your RV.

Then, once the refrigerator is in a vertical position, the rear-mounting screws are removed (see blue ovals on the image below). Use a piece of cardboard to maintain the location of each screw when reinstalling them. This ensures that each screw is in the same location in which it came out, as the length of the screws can vary from one unit to another. It is also a good idea to use some Blue Loctite threadlocker on these screws, as they can loosen over time. Norcold replacement cooling unit