How to Tackle the Latest Trends in Salesforce Recruitment


Salesforce recruitment involves finding and hiring talented candidates that fit into the company’s culture. As the demand for Salesforce professionals continues to increase, recruiters must understand and be able to tap into the latest Salesforce recruiting trends in order to find the best talent and to keep them engaged throughout the hiring process.

Use preliminary phone screening interviews to narrow down the number of candidates your hiring managers must speak to: This can drastically reduce Salesforce interview timelines and make it easier for them to quickly assess whether a candidate is worth taking the next step in the recruitment process.

Focus on soft skills: Hiring managers are placing more emphasis on candidates that demonstrate effective communication, problem-solving and teamwork skills in addition to technical proficiency. This is especially true for roles such as customer success engineers who work directly with Salesforce’s larger customers to solve their most complex problems.

Consider using Salesforce vacancies on job boards: This will help attract a wider pool of candidates and can position your company as a leading employer of Salesforce professionals. It also makes it easy for candidates to apply online, which can make the recruitment process much faster.

Focus on the values that Salesforce stands for: Recio believes that candidates are increasingly looking to be associated with companies that demonstrate strong leadership and social consciousness when it comes to issues such as gender and race related pay gaps, freedom of speech, environmental protection and more. This can be a key factor for attracting candidates, particularly in a candidate-short market.  salesforce recruitment