How To Use Social Media In Business


Social Media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Manta and the millions of others out there are platforms to reach the people. Not everyone knows how to use a search engine or even like to use search engines, but people love to write to friends, state their opinions and share pictures and memories with the people they love. Most of these people have jobs or work for companies and spend more than 5 hours a day away from their homes, and they tell their friends where they work and post it as their job on their profiles and ultimately lead people to their Companies profile page. At this point, having a strong presence is crucial, because chances are people will be visiting your businesses social media pages, whether they are chock full of information or not. If you are the owner, office worker, manager or any other type of employee who is responsible for bringing in new business, then social media is the avenue to use. Take time to read books, read forums, read help community support pages and build your company a money-making profile page that is constantly dishing out new updates.


Facebook is perhaps the most powerful social media site, worth an estimated $84 Billion or more. Facebook allows its members to create, customize and post on their user profiles that are set up with email addresses and passwords. When looking at the frame work of what a user sees when browsing while logged in, there are three columns, one column has their personal links, friends, photos, mail, pages connected to them and apps; the second column is a constantly refreshing wall that shows their friends posts and updates as well as their own updates; the very last column is the most important to business owners, this column contains the sponsored stories and sponsored ads that make Facebook possible.

The third column located all the way to the right hand side of the inside of a Facebook profile, is where companies have the ability to become recognized by posting an ad through Facebook Ensight, the advertising option on Facebook. This ad program allows you to customize your ad, target specific areas or age groups and designate a budget. The trick to this type of ad is to narrow down your focus to include proven sales tactics, like if there is a certain age group you notice is more likely to buy from you, it is best to begin by targeting these people first.

Another advantage to Facebook for any company, is the ability to add inbound linking to your website. To better understand this, go to Google, type in [] replacing the “” with your companies domain name, and click search. You will see very limited results that show only those websites or organizations that are linking to your website. This is important for Google to see when deciding whether you are relevant to be listed on the first page of a search result. When you add Facebook to these results, it’s 800 million user powered relevancy will start to help your website get a little jump in its search engine ranking.

Though there are many wonderful features to look forward to in using Facebook, there are also a few other great social sites to consider as well. Hire a technician to manage your account for you or make sure to read as much as possible about the power of Facebook.


LinkedIn is a great place for business owners and professionals to market, network, recruit, hire, discuss and share. LinkedIn differs from Facebook in that it doesn’t allow multiple images, doesn’t really promote an ad system but rather makes use of multiple membership types and LinkedIn allows professionals to specify their credentials, experience and focus on business as a main reason for joining. This social site seems to have been designed with business professionals in mind, with the goal of networking business to business, or business to employee’s of other business’s.

Linked in Offers upgradable profiles for business’s to have the ultimate Linked in experience. These upgraded profiles have the ability to see users who visit your profile, send out direct message and so much more. Also, just like Facebook, Linked in offers you another inbound link to your company website and a proactive way to reach your customers when you want to share industry news, incredible specials, promotions and changes.

Within the frame work of a linked in profile, you will find various options. Across the top navigation includes news, profile settings, contacts, groups, jobs, inbox, companies, and an option for more. On the right hand side, you will find People you may know, tools, profile view count, connections (friends), and so much more. On the left hand side you have your updates for you and your connections. This structure is conducive to making new business connections and finding new ways to promote and raise awareness of your company and your products or services. This is the ultimate social site for business owners and business professionals and definitely deserves attention.


Can you say what you need to say in 140 characters or less? Twitter is another unique social site that uses the principle that anything over 140 characters or less is useless or junk. This frame work allows you to add a single image and follow profiles as well as allow profiles to follow you. It doesn’t seem like Twitter will be a good way to promote your business, but the point is to invite people to your website! Write short and sweet updates ending in the link to your website. Use this platform to add extra fuel to your website marketing plan and get involved on a personal level with your customers. Twitter for Businesses is all about branding the image. The platform enables the company to brand their image in front of the public and create HYPE that really helps bring in the customers. youtube social shares