Ice Breaker Questions That Inspire Deep Thinking


Ice breaker questions can be great tools for introducing new team members and building rapport. But the right question can also inspire deeper thinking and engagement. Whether you’re kicking off a meeting or getting to know your team, try these fun icebreaker questions that encourage sharing about the things that matter most to people.

Reflective icebreaker questions are often best for established teams, as they provide an opportunity for people to peel back more layers of their personalities. These questions can range from the mundane to the philosophical. For example, a simple, “What is your favorite food?” can lead to a discussion about cuisine and cultural traditions. A more complex question such as, “What is the best career advice you’ve ever received?” can help managers break down seniority barriers and discuss how they envision their team’s future together.

For meetings that are already underway, try a few icebreakers that can bring out humor. One such activity is a Story Circle, where participants write their funniest or weirdest story on a piece of paper. Then, they fold it up and drop it in a container. Then, someone will randomly read the stories and the rest of the group tries to guess who wrote each story. This is a good way to build community and create connections, even in a virtual meeting.

A variation on the same theme is to ask participants to stand in a circle and shout apple, orange or banana. They then have to move forward, backward or spin around based on the word they hear. This gets everyone moving and generating laughter, which can reduce cortisol levels and increase the release of endorphins. ice breaker questions for dating