Jeep Tire Cover – American Flag Design With Eagle Camera Hole


A Jeep tire cover is one of the most important accessories for your vehicle. It protects your spare tire from rain, snow, and dirt, which will keep it in great condition for when you need it.

This cover features a flowing American flag and bald eagle design. It also has a small hole compatible with backup cameras.

MOONET Tire Cover

The Jeep name is synonymous with rugged durability and an adventuring spirit, so it only makes sense to have a cover that reflects those values. This cover from Tire Cover Central does just that with a flowered American flag design complete with a bald eagle for added effect. It’s also designed with a camera hole to accommodate the rear backup camera found on JL Wrangler models. It’s a hard shell cover made of vinyl materials that’s been tested with 90 pounds of pressure, so it’ll hold up against whatever the elements can throw at it.

This cover is compatible with most standard tire sizes ranging from 23 to 33 inches, but you’ll have to check the specifications of your particular model. It’s a simple cover with a bungee cord-type elastic closing system that keeps the cover in place, and it’s available in several colors to match your Jeep.

The Hitamus Funny Cartoon Frog Smile Spare Tire Cover is another hard-shell Jeep Wrangler tire cover that provides an attractive, eye-catching look while protecting your spare from sun damage and other environmental hazards. It’s a must-have for any Jeep, camper, RV, truck, or trailer owner that wants to add some extra style and personality to their vehicle. It’s designed to fit most standard car tires, so it’ll be easy to find one that fits your Jeep.

Tire Cover Central Eagle American Flag

If you’re looking for a tire cover that shows your American pride, this one from Tire Cover Central features a flowing flag design with a bald eagle soaring above it. It also has a small center cut-out compatible with Jeep JL trims that feature a backup camera. The cover is sewn using UV-resistant and scratch-resistant latex optimized vinyl that’s rated to last up to three years.

If you’d prefer a more traditional look, consider the Boomerang Distressed American Flag tire cover instead. This 32-inch cover is made from high-quality vinyl fabric and has a stitched top seam for durability.

Boomerang Distressed American Flag

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If you’re looking for a tire cover that displays your American pride without being too bold, this one might be perfect. This 32-inch cover from Boomerang is designed specifically for the Jeep JL Sport and Sahara models and features a faded American flag background with a bald eagle that sits atop it. It also has a small center cut-out that’s compatible with the backup camera on those trim levels that include one.

The cover itself is injection molded for superior quality and has top double-stitched seams to ensure it’ll last. It’s also backed by a three-year warranty for added peace of mind. These slip-on soft covers fit securely over your spare tire and are made from automotive-grade vinyl materials. They’re available in several different sizes to best suit your vehicle.

Boomerang 32-inch Color Matched Rigid JL Tire Cover

Stylish Jeep tire covers can be a great way to show off your personality and style. They can also help protect your spare tire from the elements, which is important if you do a lot of off-road driving. Keeping your spare tire protected from the weather will help prolong its life and ensure that it is ready to go when you need it.

Choosing the right Jeep tire cover for your vehicle can be tricky. You want something that is durable and will hold up to the harsh conditions of the outdoors. It should also be able to withstand rain, snow, and dirt, as well as UV rays. You will also want a cover that can be easily installed and removed, so you can use it when you are traveling and need to store your Jeep in a parking lot.

There are many different types of Jeep Wrangler tire covers available on the market. You can find a wide range of designs, including American flags, military stars, and other patriotic images. There are even some covers that can be personalized with a message or text. Some of these covers have a small hole that is compatible with backup cameras. This can be useful if you are using a backup camera to assist you with parking your vehicle. Jeep tire cover with camera hole