Jeeter Infused Pre-Rolls & Vape Cartridges


Jeeter is a California-based cannabis company that has become a hip and popular brand across the country. Their products are known for their soaring levels of THC and delicious flavors.

They also offer a line of pre-rolls and vape cartridges in various sizes and flavors. The company started as a seedling and grew to success quickly, earning a spot as one of the fastest-growing brands in pre-rolls.

Their infused joints are the hottest thing to hit the market in 2021 and have blown up the weed world with their unique strains and trendy aesthetic. They offer over 20 different varieties of infused joints & swag, with new ones dropping every month.

The Jeeter XL is a hand-crafted joint that can be smoked for hours and is made with 2 grams of premium flower, infused with kief, and dusted in distillate oil. It has a glass tip for an even smoother smoking experience.

Despite the soaring popularity of their infused pre-rolls, Jeeter is currently facing a lawsuit from two men who claim they were overcharged for their products due to allegedly mislabeled THC contents. The complaint, filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court by Santa Monica-based law firm Dovel & Luner on behalf of plaintiffs Jasper Centeno and Blake Wilson, says DreamFields’ Jeeter brand of cannabis products contain lower THC potencies than advertised.

According to the lawsuit, the companies have a “financial incentive” to misrepresent THC contents on their product packaging because they can charge higher prices than competitors, which will in turn increase their profits. It is a violation of the state’s Unfair Competition Law and False Advertising Law, according to the suit.

In a statement, the companies said they would be reviewing the labeling on their products and taking corrective action.

They also issued a statement saying that their infused joints and pre-rolls are crafted from only the highest quality, locally sourced cannabis flowers. The company uses a proprietary method to remove excess flower byproducts and then extract the cannabis’ active ingredients for its infused products.

Besides their infused pre-rolls, Jeeter also produces an array of other cannabis swag including shirts and stickers. Their swag can go fast so be sure to be quick when purchasing the latest drop!

Their swag is also a major source of marketing for the company and helps build hype around their product drops. Like a limited-time sneaker drop, a Jeeterday merch release often prompts lines around the storefronts to get their hands on it.

The company also offers a variety of Jeeter Juice THC vape cartridges available in several fruit strains and sizes. These distillate cartridges are a rival to other similar distillate products on the market and feature a full gram of cannabis oils.

A Jeeter Juice vape can be purchased in dispensaries and online from licensed retailers throughout California. To find a local shop, search for one using Leafly or Weedmaps.

Besides their popular infused pre-rolls, Jeeter has also launched a line of liquid diamonds and distillate cartridges for vaping. Their Liquid Diamonds are a high-quality distillate with higher THC potency and less artificial taste than their Live Resin version. Their distillate cartridges are a popular choice for consumers who enjoy the taste of cannabis oil while experiencing the full spectrum of effects from concentrates. baked bar vape pen