Korean Cosmetics Companies


Whether you’re interested in treating a specific skin concern, or just want to try out products that make your friends jealous, there are plenty of korean cosmetics companies to choose from. These brands offer a variety of products and have an impressive range of prices to suit everyone’s budget.

The top cosmetic products purchased online in Korea are skincare, with haircare and makeup cosmetics close behind. This is because Koreans are very particular about the quality of the products they buy, with many researching a brand’s ingredients before making a purchase. In addition, social media is a huge part of marketing for beauty products in the country, with TikTok especially popular for makeup tutorials and recommendations.

Sulwhasoo is a luxury skincare brand that focuses on balance and uses ingredients like healing snail mucin and hydrating ginseng. This brand’s cult-favourite lip mask has most of beauty TikTok in a chokehold, and its serums brimming with antioxidants are real skin savers.

ETUDE is a long-standing Korean cosmetic company that combines traditional herbal ingredients and plants with modern research to create effective, affordable products. Their 0.2 Therapy Air Masks are a particularly popular product for those with acne-prone skin, and they’re also vegan friendly as one of the first Korean cosmetics companies to be certified by the Korea Agency of Vegan Certification and Services.

IOPE is another high-end skincare and makeup brand that combines traditional techniques with new breakthroughs in technology. They’re known for their luminous complexion products and use a mixture of natural, long-standing ingredients as well as new innovations to create products that work for every skin type. They’re also the first cosmetic company to offer an online consultation service using augmented reality.  korean cosmetics companies