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Ute Schniering, divorce lawyer in Essen, has been advising her clients with respect to family law problems for over 25 years. She focuses on quick and secure solutions with regard to alimony, child support, property division and a variety of other family-related issues. She is also on hand to help with divorces and remarriages. She will be happy to advise you in person or by telephone.

Adalbert Trilhaase grew up in a religious Erfurt merchant family of medium means and completed a commercial apprenticeship before completing his studies at the universities of Dusseldorf and Berlin. In 1892 he married Augusta Lohrer, daughter of a linen factory owner from Hattingen am Ruhr and started his own company. Trilhaase and his wife were active in the local community and supported many social institutions and events.

Litten, born in the Jewish district of Sprockhovel, was a committed anti-Nazi even before he faced Hitler himself. He was not afraid to stand up for his principles. This earned him years of brutal persecution by the Nazis and he was one of the first of the fuehrer’s political opponents to be rounded up after Hitler took power. Today Litten is a little known figure, but the drama and documentary about him tell the story of a cantankerous man with enormous courage.  Rechtsanwalt Hattingen