Looking For a Gasoline Fire Fighting Pump?


When looking for a Gasoline Fire Fighting Pump it is essential to take a number of factors into consideration. The most important of these factors are PSI and GPM. PSI relates to the pressure per square inch that the pump is capable of producing while GPM relates to how many gallons of water can be pumped per minute.

These systems are designed to ensure that a canopy gas station is protected from a fire that could damage the pumps, the customers cars or the surrounding area. This system consists of cylinders that contain a dry-chemical agent that deploy when thermal detectors detect a fire in the fueling area. This agent is a powder that combines with the oxygen in the air and creates carbon dioxide which smothers the fire.

Often these systems will include a combination of chemical and smoke to increase the effectiveness of the suppression process. If the fire is severe enough, the system may also shut down the pumps to prevent additional fuel from being added. This prevents a customer from continuing to fuel their car even if the pump is out of commission which can cause further problems with the fire.

Some people might be wondering how this type of system works. They might have peered up at the canopy of a gas station and seen nozzles pointed out at them, and they might have wondered what it was that made those nozzles point at them. The answer is an automatic fire suppression system that consists of canisters full of a dry-chemical agent that are activated when thermal sensors sense a fire under the canopy. These canisters are usually filled with sodium bicarbonate which, when it combines with the oxygen in the air and heats up, forms carbon dioxide that smothers the fire.

If you are looking for a Gasoline Fire Fighting pump it is important to know that these pumps are not just used to fight fires but can be used in a wide range of other applications like water transfer, boom spraying and irrigation as well as wash down jobs around the farm. These pumps are available with electric and petrol engines with options for single or twin impellers as well as a choice of 1.5” and 2” discharge port sizes. Most are capable of a rated capacity of up to 5500L/min and can be used with either diesel or electric drivers.

Most of these pumps are available with either electric or recoil start which is much the same as starting a lawn mower. They are very portable and easy to use and operate. They can be towed behind a vehicle or tractor or can be moved between locations with ease using their roll frame and handles/cables. This type of fire fighting pump is best for smaller applications where you only need to move a small amount of water with a high level of pressure. They are also great for transferring water in rural areas with lots of farms and bush land where it is required to transfer liquid from tanks or wells.