Move Out Cleaning Atlanta


When you’re moving out of a rented property, you must perform move out cleaning Atlanta to leave the space in pristine condition for the next tenants or your landlord. This is a thorough deep cleaning process that involves dusting and wiping surfaces, vacuuming carpets and sweeping or mopping hard floors, scrubbing and washing sinks, toilets, showers, cabinets, and window frames. In addition, it may include spot removal on walls and deep stain scrubbing in the cupboards.

The bathrooms are one of the most important areas for a thorough cleaning. If the previous tenant left behind soap scum or other grime, the new home owner might feel uncomfortable and deduct money from or keep your security deposit. Cleaning the bathroom involves scrubbing and wiping the floors, sinks, bathtubs, and toilets, and removing and cleaning the inside of the cupboards and drawers. In most cases, it’s also necessary to clean the windows and wipe down the walls and doors.

As with any cleaning business, charging an hourly rate is the best way to price your move out services. This allows you to control your costs and provides an open line of communication with the client as they provide feedback about their needs. For move out cleaning, you should expect to charge about $5 more per hour than a typical cleaning.