Nutrition canton ohio


Nutrition canton ohio is a city with many things to see and do, you can find all sorts of restaurants here, including vegan restaurants. The city is very diverse, you will see lots of minorities and immigrants here, especially in Down Town Canton. You will also find a lot of art museums and other places to visit here, such as the Canton Museum of Art. There are many different types of religions here as well, you can find anything from Catholic churches to Sikh temples.

The average North Canton resident 16 years or older eats meat at least once a week, and they eat poultry at least twice a week. They eat pork at least once a week, and they drink milk about four times a month. They eat bread about three times a week, and they eat frozen pizza at least once a week. They usually have two meals prepared away from home each week, such as those at restaurants, fast food places or at food stands.

Six percent of North Canton residents donate blood. Nineteen percent of people here have been told by a health professional that they have high blood pressure, and twelve percent have been told that they have diabetes. Eight percent of residents 20 years or older take a low-dose aspirin each day to prevent heart attacks or strokes.

Twenty one percent of people here have limited work ability due to long-term physical, mental or emotional problems or illness. They cannot do jobs requiring strenuous activities that cause large increases in breathing or heart rate, like heavy lifting or digging, for more than 10 minutes continuously.