OECM Offers Real-Time Utility Monitoring


OECM now offers the ability to monitor your electrical, water and propane utilities with our new real time utility monitoring. This data is available online and can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection.

This allows you to quickly identify any anomalies and act upon them before they become bigger issues, saving money on repair costs and downtime. It also helps in improving equipment performance and lifespan.

In addition, it provides insights into energy consumption patterns, which leads to more sustainable usage habits and reduced carbon footprints. It also enables participation in utility’s real-time pricing programs and helps businesses optimize energy distribution and demand response. It also enhances grid resilience by reducing outage response times and improving the management of renewable sources.

Interval data lags, but with real-time tracking systems you can get live data that is accurate to the meter level and even individual circuits within an electric panel. This enables you to quickly detect spikes in electricity consumption and make the necessary adjustments to prevent costly overages on your electric bill. It also lets you know what your building’s base load is, so you can reduce it – for example by turning off computers and air conditioning when not in use.

It can help you identify and address efficiencies within your infrastructure, such as equipment failures or leakage. It also identifies opportunities for savings by helping you manage peak demand, which reduces monthly demand charges. It also helps you prioritize maintenance by highlighting equipment with the highest risk for failure. real-time utility monitoring