PGDL – The Postgraduate Law Course For Non-Law Graduates aiming to Become Solicitors


PGDL is the postgraduate law conversion course non-law graduates studying to become solicitors must take before they can start their Legal Practice Course (LPC). It’s sometimes known as the GDL and, in the past, it was also called CPE. The course teaches you the key foundation areas of the law which align with the Solicitors Regulation Authority’s specification of Functioning Legal Knowledge – what the SQE tests.

Course providers offer full-time and part-time PGDL programmes. Typical contact hours are 8-10 per week in lectures and tutorials, though a lot of the learning is done outside the classroom, with reading and revision forming a large component of your assessments.

It’s important to make the most of opportunities on your PGDL course to learn about different legal careers. Many providers offer work placements, mooting, sports clubs and access to the Student Union and bar societies, amongst others. Some offer a wide range of scholarships for PGDL students, and there are also government grants and student loans you can apply for to help cover tuition costs.

Having a good performance on the PGDL is vital for those aiming to become solicitors. It demonstrates that you are committed to your legal career and have the academic ability and motivation to succeed at the top of your chosen profession. In a competitive jobs market, this can really set you apart from your peers. It also shows that you have been through a rigorous training programme which prepares you well for the rigours of being a solicitor. PGDL