Property CRM Features That Will Boost Your Real Estate Business


When a property manager is looking for CRM tools to support their business, they need to look beyond basic lead management features. They also need to consider how the tool will simplify other crucial managerial duties like submitting maintenance requests or keeping track of whether residents have renewed their leases.

A great property crm will centralize data and streamline processes to improve sales, customer service and ultimately profitability. It will also provide an uncomplicated, clear platform for sharing information and communicating with clients.

Here are some of the best property crm features that will boost your real estate business’ performance.

Property management CRM tools collect resident and prospect data to provide property managers with a complete picture of their clients. This allows them to understand their needs better and tailor their marketing efforts accordingly. It also helps them make informed decisions about the best properties to invest in or lease out.

The best property CRMs also have a deal pipeline feature that organises leads into distinct stages in the sales process. This helps managers identify priority clients, stay on top of key tasks like property showings, offer negotiations and contract preparation deadlines. They can also easily see which team members are assigned to which deals and identify opportunities for improving productivity.

Some of the leading property crm software is designed specifically for realtors and brokers, and is scalable to meet the needs of larger agencies. Its features most appealing to real estate agents include two-way email sync, call logging and SMS, and contact lists that automatically update based on segmentation criteria. It also supports MLS feeds, which is essential for managing home sales. property crm features