Taxi With Baby Seat Melbourne


It’s a daunting task to travel with children in taxis and rideshare vehicles. The rules vary across states, but in most cases kids under one must be in a car seat and children over one must be in a booster seat. Parents often worry about the safety of their children in these taxis and rideshare vehicles, but there is a solution. Taxi with baby seat melbourne is an online service that can help you travel comfortably with your little ones.

The taxi with baby seat melbourne service operates 24×7. The service provides a wide range of child seats that meet different age groups and sizes. These include rear-facing infant capsules, forward-facing baby seats, and booster seats for older children. Moreover, these seats have strict safety standards and can provide comfort to your children during the journey. The service also offers airport transfers for families who fly to and from Melbourne.

Uber has just launched a new ‘Uber child seat’ option in Melbourne, Australia, which allows riders to book a car with an installed child seat. The service connects parents who need a seat for their children with drivers who have pre-approved seats and have attended workshops and competency knowledge checks on installing the seats. Driver-partners taking part in the pilot have been trained to safely install car seats by leading baby goods retailer Baby Bunting.

The option for children’s car seats will be available in Uber’s fleet in Melbourne, and if successful will be rolled out nationwide. The service will be an additional feature alongside UberX, Uber Black and Uber XL, and the company is also investigating the possibility of a dedicated ‘Uber kids’ app for families with children. taxi with baby seat melbourne