The Best Dental Blogs For Dentists


Using a dental blog is a way to spread information about your practice in a variety of formats. It’s also a great way to engage existing patients. For example, you can write a post about how cavities form and then send it to your database with an email.

The best dental blog provide credible information and DIY hacks that are easy to implement at your practice.

The Wealthy Dentist

After spending several exhausting years in dental school and enduring the painstaking process of establishing a private practice, few people deserve wealth more than dentists. However, few achieve it because they are not skilled at managing their finances. As a result, they spend their hard-earned money on luxury homes, cars, clothes, and clubs but are left with the famous Texas phrase “big hat but no cattle.”

Thankfully, there are ways to avoid this trap and become one of the richest dentists in the world. This book reveals fundamental tactics for streamlining plans, aligning your career with your lifestyle, and keeping more of what you earn. By following the stories of three successful dentists at different stages in their careers, you will learn how to get your financial life on track and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Children’s Dental Health Project

This nonprofit organization’s priority is not just keeping kids’ mouths healthy directly, but also influencing policy to ensure access. Their blog is an excellent resource for locating dental health information, including recent posts on how changes to the health care system may affect children’s oral care.

This popular blog from Delta Dental features a mix of practical tips and fun content, such as instructions for making your own Star Wars toothbrush holder or how to get a free dental visit if you have diabetes. You can also find informative posts on bad breath, dental emergencies and implants, and dental hygiene tips for kids.

The National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research is the country’s leading agency for oral health research, so this blog has a lot to offer anyone interested in the latest scientific breakthroughs. A recent post, for example, describes a study that may have cured a rare form of gum disease.

American Association of Dental Office Management

Come up with ideas for dental blog topics doesn’t have to be difficult. There are plenty of resources to help you find inspiration, from online magazines and e-newsletters to local dental health blogs. Keeping a small notepad on hand can also help you quickly write down sparks of inspiration when they occur to you.

The American Association of Dental Office Management blog is an excellent resource for dental office managers and hygienists. The site covers everything from the latest whitening technology to office management tips and tricks.

The Eco Dentistry Association is focused on bringing environmental consciousness to the world of dental care. Their blog features a variety of articles on green dentistry, including profiles of environmentally-conscious dentists and tips for becoming more eco-friendly in your daily life.

1st Family Dental

1st Family Dental is a leading provider of general, specialty and orthodontic services for patients of all ages. With convenient online appointment scheduling and locations throughout Chicago IL, taking care of your family’s dental health needs has never been easier.

This week 1st Family Dental opened their hearts and their doors at three suburban Chicago communities to offer free dental care. People lined up outside all three locations to receive services, including routine exams, X-rays, and cleanings. Approximately 100 patients received treatment over the course of the three days.

Root canals are a common dental procedure that can save teeth with decay or infection. They are usually performed on an outpatient basis, using sedation to make the procedure pain-free and anxiety-free for the patient.

Fred Joyal

This blog covers a wide range of dental topics, including the latest technology and research. It also offers tips for building a strong marketing strategy.

This ADA-affiliated blog is an excellent resource for current and future dentists. Its articles provide valuable insights into the industry and help readers become a more confident practice owner.

Founded by Fred Joyal, who co-founded 1-800-DENTIST, this dental blog provides tips on attracting patients and growing your business. It is a great resource for small private practices that want to increase their visibility online and promote their services effectively.

Designed for cosmetic dentists, this dental blog features posts on a variety of cosmetic procedures and includes plenty of before-and-after photos. The blog is also a good resource for new dentists who are looking to focus on their marketing techniques.