The Best Places to Buy Pokemon Cards


Pokemon Shop is the perfect place for collectors and fans of the popular trading card game. The store offers thousands of Pokemon cards both old and new, ranging from the base sets to rare and shiny versions of the most famous characters.

Buying a Pokemon card can be exciting, and it can be hard to decide where to buy one because of the many options available. But, it’s also important to make sure you get a quality card, and not one that may be a scam or fake.

In this article, we’ll look at the best places to buy Pokemon cards in your area – both online and in-person – so you can find the perfect ones for your collection.


The wholesale giant Costco is a great place to find Pokemon cards because they are always in stock, and the selection is usually good enough for most people to find something they’ll like. However, the supply chain issue affecting many stores is making it difficult for Costco to keep up with demand right now. So, if you don’t have a Costco nearby, you might want to wait until things settle down.

Sam’s Club

Sam’s Club is another wholesale store in the US that sells Pokemon cards. Similar to Costco, the supply chain problem affecting many other stores is making it difficult for Sam’s Club to keep up with demand, so it’s best to call your local store to see what they have in stock before you head out there.


The world’s largest retailer, Target, has been a huge supporter of Pokemon for years. It has a variety of Pokemon collections including Pokemon Legendary Booster Pack Boxes, Pokemon Darkness Blaze Booster Packs, and even individual high-demand cards for the most serious collectors.


Amazon is a great place to buy Pokemon cards because it’s easy to compare prices and find the best deal. You can also search for a specific card on the site, which makes it easy to narrow down your choices and find the right one.


Whether you’re looking to get into the collecting scene or just find a great deal, eBay is a fantastic place to start. It’s home to several high-profile deals, as well as plenty of sellers who are passionate about the game.

Best Buy

Though Best Buy is primarily known for its electronics options, it also sells some Pokemon cards. They’re available in most of their locations, and the selection varies depending on what you’re looking for.


As the biggest retailer in the United States, Walmart sells a range of Pokemon cards. They’re a good option for anyone who wants to build up their collection, but be aware that they have been in the news recently because of a physical fight that broke out between shoppers in multiple stores over Pokemon cards.

You can find Pokemon cards at many other retailers, as well, but a lot of these retailers have stopped selling them in-person due to the physical conflicts that can occur when customers try to buy them. Luckily, there are still a few places that still sell Pokemon cards online and in-person.