The Simple Facts About Colored Diamonds


It has become increasing much more popular to choose a colored diamond over the traditional transparent or white one in the last decade. The fact is that some diamonds are found in their natural color state while others become that way by gemologists and jewelers during a specific treatment process. Naturally colored diamonds are usually more expensive than non colored diamonds. However companies are beginning to color treat diamonds of lower grades in order to make them more affordable to the average customer.

They accomplish this task by taking a less desirable yellow or brownish color and making it into a ravishing color. They can be treated by a process called irradiation which uses an extremely high heat source to alter the color. Many companies are also using paint to alter the color. Irradiation is a much more complex and expensive procedure that produces a superior product. However most companies chose the secondary method because of the cost.

Everyone knows that diamonds are all inspected and their value is based on their color qualities. The clearer the color the more the piece will be worth. The grading process of colored diamonds tends to alter from the traditional transparent diamond. A colored diamond is graded on its main or primary hue. This is the blue, pink or red color that makes up the majority of the color. A natural diamond is rarer and much more expensive than a less intense or painted one. This means a treated diamond is going to be much cheaper than a naturally colored one.

More and more people want the fancy colored diamonds that come in vivid colors such as green, yellow and red. The fact of the matter is you can get a diamond in almost any color you can imagine. The next time you go shopping for jewelery you should have a better understanding of why certain pieces are more expensive than others. diamond painting