The Tapcon Substantial Screw



Tapcon® is a brand name of top notch substantial screws. The name was gotten from its own definition – an anchor that “TAPs its own strings/grooves into CONcrete.” The Tapcon® was licensed in 1976 by ITW Buildex as the primary brick work screw. Tapcon® substantial screws are self-tapping screws that are utilized to moor an installation into strong cement, block or block. This screw has rotating raised and brought down strings with jewel cut indents (in some cases alluded to as Hello Lo® strings). This Cutting-edge Threadform Technology(TM) offers prevalent take out obstruction and strength. These Hey Lo® strings likewise take into consideration quick and complete residue evacuation, which allows the Tapcon® to tap its own top notch strings reliably. Substantial screws that are not Tapcon® brand work likewise however are certainly not the same as the first Tapcon®. No other screw proceeds as well as unique Tapcons.

Tapcons can be utilized in strong concrete as well as in block and block base material. Tapcon® substantial screws can be utilized in various applications going from light obligation to medium obligation decking screws. A few normal applications for Tapcons are joining furring strips, wood headers or compressed wood to concrete; mounting a level television over a block chimney; securing channel lashes and electrical boxes to a block or block wall; introducing sub-deck to workmanship floor…there is an apparently interminable rundown of purposes for this flexible screw!

Tapcons are produced using carbon steel with a unique covering called Climaseal®. Climaseal® covering is applied in various stages utilizing a plunge turn innovation and gives additional consumption opposition. All nonexclusive substantial screws are additionally blue in variety, but the main comparability to the Climaseal® covering is the variety. It is the Climaseal® covering that permits Tapcons to be utilized in ACQ treated stumble.

Tapcons are likewise accessible in 410 tempered steel with a Climashield(TM) covering. The Climashield(TM) covering is applied in a three coat, plunge turn process that further improves this item’s consumption opposition.