Tips on Leveraging the Power of YouTube to Generate More Traffic


Although I know I shouldn’t, I’m still going to assume that you know the importance of traffic to your business. After all that’s the reason you’re reading this article right? You want to generate more traffic. Okay now that we’ve established that, let’s look at how you can do that and why you should be doing it with the help of YouTube.

YouTube carries great power when it comes to improving your rankings thereby building traffic. Here’s why. One, YouTube is owned by Google and they work together. Two, YouTube is the second largest search engine next only to Google… bet you didn’t know that, did you? Now, if that isn’t enough motivation to make you want go and create your own YouTube channel and upload videos to it, then I don’t know what is.

But hold on don’t go rushing off to create just yet. Let’s make sure you’re doing this the right way first so you don’t waste your time. Take note of these tips:

Always, always post quality videos

Thousands of videos are uploaded to YouTube every day which means millions of videos exist in that space. How do you make yours stand out, make yours be the one that viewers want to watch? You do this by constantly giving them quality videos. Picture and sound should be great. I’m not telling you to go and break the bank to achieve this, or that you have to be a professional. There are free tools on the internet and on your computer that can help, such as and Windows Movie Maker. I’m just saying that you need to take the time to ensure that the quality of the video is good at all times. Once you’re consistent, you’ll eventually be known for the quality of your work which will help in getting you the increased traffic you want.

Post your videos in series

When you’re on the internet you need to work smart not necessarily hard. Instead of just posting one video at a time, create a series of videos. Post these once per week or even better one per day if you can. What you want is for your viewers to be expecting more from you so they’ll come back to check. If you can’t create a video series for whatever reason, try to post regularly, even twice per week, on set days. You want to be consistent, I can’t stress this enough. This helps build audience loyalty leading to increased traffic.

Don’t forget your site name

You can’t have a business and nobody knows the name can you? That won’t do you much good. Your site name or the URL must be included within the video at least 1-3 times as well as your video description. If you can’t put it anyplace else do ensure that it’s at the beginning and right at the end, in the final frame.

Try to create viral videos

In order to get noticed on YouTube your aim should be to create and post viral videos. What’s that you ask? It’s simply a video that gets picked up and promoted by people because they like it. This can lead to humongous amounts of traffic. But viral videos are not just so, so videos. They contain quality content, meaning they offer useful information that appeal to numerous persons. buy 4000 watch hours on youtube